Wearing Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces

If you’re looking for statement necklaces, Ten Thousand Villages has a lot to offer. Here you’ll find a variety of statement pieces at prices that you’d expect for unique one of a kind statement pieces for your jewelry wardrobe.

Whether you’re a teen or an adult, new to wearing jewelry or just trying to add to your personal collection, you’re sure to appreciate the variety of pieces that you can find at Ten Thousand Villages.

Priced for as low as $25 upwards to a few hundred dollars, you’re sure to find the piece that you’re looking for to round out your jewelry wardrobe and complement your personal style.

Your statement jewelry can be the focal point of your outfit. You can collect specific colors, items or simply something that catches your eye and allow this piece to create your own unique look.

Whether you wear your statement piece once, or daily, you’re sure to attract attention when you buy a statement piece from this site.

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Focus on something special and allow the moment to take you away to find something that will enhance your outfit and personality.

Statement pieces can be large or small and narrow or wide. There is no reason to limit yourself to any one particular style.

You should feel the piece when you’re looking at it. You shouldn’t have to question whether or not this is the piece for you, it should literally speak to you.

If you aren’t feeling it when you look at the options, keep looking, you simply haven’t found the right piece for your needs yet.

From large pendants to beads to chains and other statements pieces, you’re sure to find the right piece. Take your time, consider what you’ll be wearing the most. If you’re trying to find something for daily wear you can match your favorite colors or simplicity.

Avoid buying something just because everyone else has something similar. Remember that this piece is supposed to scream out that you are an individual.

Let your heart and soul tell you that this is the right piece for you. Ten Thousand Villages has so many great options that you’ll find many that speak to you.

Browse through the various options and get the feel of how their website works and you’re sure to find what speaks to you.

You’ll appreciate the fine detail and the careful attention that went into making their jewelry.

Each item is unique and handmade and you’ll be glad that you took the time to find exactly what you want. You won’t have to worry about showing up to the party with something that several others are wearing when you go this route for your shopping. Wearing statement necklaces is a great way to be yourself.

From Coughing To Cleaning – Eucalyptus Oil Has It Covered

Eucalyptus Flowers

Eucalyptus Flowers

The ever popular eucalyptus oil is known for its refreshing scent. It is also handy to have around the house since this versatile oil can serve in many ways. While native to Australia, there are hundreds of varieties of the eucalyptus tree. Some of these trees thrive in hot, dry environments, while others do well even in freezing temperatures. Today, these trees may be found all over the world providing this wonderful essential oil. This tree is also useful in other ways. It provides timber, windbreaks and cover, and nectar for bees.

The oil is derived from the leaves of certain varieties of eucalyptus trees. Some trees do not yield enough to produce oil, while the oil of others does not have many medicinal qualities.

The oil contains both pest deterrents and natural disinfectants. The primary active ingredient is eucalyptol, also known as cineole which is what gives the oil its distinct taste and aroma. When choosing an oil, it is important to note the concentration of cineole. The higher grade oils will contain more cineole and no camphor. There are many ways to use this oil, both personally and around the home.

This essential oil has been used for years to help silence coughing. Many of today’s commercial cough medications contain this oil as a suppressant. It is also good for helping eliminate mucus from the chest. It can be heated and the vapor helps to loosen chest mucus.

Another use for this oil is as a bug deterrent. Either spray or rub on the oil to help deter mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. The diluted oil is also good at helping fight inflammation in a wound and promoting healing. It also helps ease the sting of minor burns.

Those suffering from respiratory conditions such as sinusitis and asthma may find relief by inhaling steam with this oil added. The oil helps loosen mucus so it can be coughed up. One newer discovery is that this oil may be useful as a diabetes treatment. Early research indicates it can help lower blood sugar in diabetics. It is also useful in treating cold sores, relieving pain and helping the sore to heal. The oil may also be used to treat athletes foot. Simply soak the infected foot in a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water. Dry and then apply the oil directly on the infected area. It works as a fungicide, helping to clear up any infection.

Other uses of this oil include removing stains from clothes and removing waxy residue. It is also useful in removing odors from the laundry. Simply add a few drops to the machine and then wash as normal. This oil can be used as a natural cleaning agent. Simply mix with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create a very effective non-toxic bathroom cleaner. It not only cleans but will also disinfect everything from tub to toilet.

Eucalyptus oil is one of nature’s best helpers. Use it to help with minor coughs and congestion and then use it to help clean and deodorize your home. It is one of the most helpful essential oils there is.