Sciatic Nerve Relief Without Surgery

Sciatic Nerve Relief

Sciatic Nerve Relief

If you have ever felt a burning pain up and down your leg or your leg hurts so bad you can barely walk, you could be dealing with sciatica. Sciatica is a nerve disorder that is very painful and doesn’t respond well to pain medication. The pain can get so bad that you don’t want to move and it can last for weeks without relief. At Complete Pain Care you can get sciatic nerve relief without risky surgery.

The sciatic nerve goes down each leg and starts at your lower back. This nerve can become compressed which causes inflammation and pain. Your leg may feel numb and you might feel the pain in your buttock and hips. The pain can be very intense and it isn’t easily controlled with pain medication which makes it even worse. It can also take weeks for the pain to improve. You might not be able to sleep and you might feel like you don’t want to move around.

If you experience sciatica repeatedly, you might want to visit Complete Pain Care for a treatment plan. The doctors will perform a complete examination and come up with a personalized treatment plan that doesn’t involve surgery. Sciatica will usually only affect one side of your body and you can even feel it in your foot. In extreme cases your leg becomes weak and you could have a hard time controlling your bowels.

Your risk of developing sciatica goes up as you get older and your back begins to degenerate. Being overweight is another contributing factor as the excess weight you carry puts more pressure on your spine. Sitting for long periods can also increase your risk and so does diabetes since it can damage your nerves. If you smoke, you are also putting yourself at risk of developing this condition.

Sciatica is common and most people experience it at least once in their lifetime. When you visit Complete Pain Care, your doctor will design a customized treatment plan that will help stop the pain of your sciatica. You will learn exercises you can do at home and you may have physical therapy to strengthen your back muscles and make your spine more flexible. While surgery and pain medication are the last resorts, they are sometimes necessary when nothing else works to control the pain.

Your team of doctors will make sure you get the right treatment that is going to work best for your sciatica. If the treatment becomes less effective, they will keep trying new treatments until they find the right one. Complete Pain Care will stop your pain.

Sciatica can make your life more difficult and interfere with your daily activities. You might start to lose your enjoyment of life and the more sedentary you become, the worse your condition can get. Take charge of your health and visit Complete Pain Care for sciatic nerve relief without surgery. You will get a treatment plan that works and you can finally stop enduring the endless pain of sciatica.

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