Using Stem Cell For Knees Treatments


If you find that you have developed an injury to your knee cartilage, meniscus, have chronic pain in your knee from arthritis or injury, or damage to your MCL or ACL ligaments, you may be a great candidate for stem cell for knees treatments. All it takes is talking with a professional about your options so that you can see if you will be able to benefit from this far less invasive procedure.

Some of the traditional options for any patient that is dealing with one of these issues could include repairing ligament tear issues with arthroscopic knee surgery. For some patients, they may be told that they have to have surgery for a total replacement of the knee joint. With either one of these surgeries, the patient will have to go through months of rehab so that they can regain their strength and mobility. In addition to that, the patient will also be subject to a variety of risks associated with the surgery and recovery period.

Using Your Own Stem Cells

When you are able to use stem cell for knees therapies, you have the ability to speed up the healing process for any degenerated or injured joints. Your body is made of up of countless specialized cells that come together to form organs like skin, brain, muscles, ligaments, bone, joints and tendons. On a daily basis, these cells are taking part in a degenerative and regenerative cycle. The older cells will die and then the new cells are born from the stem cells that have the unique ability to give life to a number of other kinds of cells.

However, when the tissue becomes injured, the degenerative process will often exceed the natural regenerative process and it can lead to structures that will become painful, weakened and less functional. The best stem cells for promoting the healing of your musculoskeletal system are those that are found within the bone marrow. These are the MSCs, or mesenchymal stem cells, which are just right for helping to give patients that results that they are looking for with stem cell injections.

The Procedure

This is a non-surgical treatment option that can happen within just one day, which ends up being a very viable option for any patient who may be worried about facing surgical intervention or a full joint replacement. The patients are usually able to get back to their regular activities after the procedure and will also be able to avoid having to go through periods of pain and rehabilitation.

The stems cells are simply taken from the bone marrow and then concentrated through a laboratory process before they get re-injected into precise locations where the tissue is damaged by way of advanced imaging guidance. Once the stem cells are injected where they need to be, they work to enhance the natural repair process for any injure or degenerated tendons, arthritic joints and ligaments. This basically turns the tables on the breakdown process that naturally occurs because of injury overuse and aging. For more information the Apidex Cart blog has a great article on this topic.

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