The Benefits Of Dog Training Mississauga

Doggie Central offers a balanced approach when it comes to dog training Mississauga. They provide different group classes that include puppy and 3 obedience levels along with dog sports that includes Rally O, fly ball and agility. They also provide private training sessions that are tailored to the goals that the dog owner is interested in achieving with their pet.

The dog training Mississauga on offer gives dog owners the flexibility and options to utilize different equipment and techniques to achieve personal goals with their dogs. Behavioral modification techniques and praise is used in the obedience classes with safety in mind and to attain the desirable results.

Doggie Central provides limited class sizes to make sure every dog is receiving the personal attention that they need while at the same time offering the distraction needed to proof training commands used in group environments. All the trainers are backed by extensive backgrounds for both dog-sport training and obedience, canine behavior, canine body-language and behavior awareness.

All the training classes content and outlines are developed by Doggie Central. This maximizes consistency and continuity for every course and trainers in all the locations.

General Information About The Training Courses

The dog training Mississauga courses run over an hour, once weekly for a period of 4 to 6 weeks. Dog owners are requested to bring along the dogs latest vaccination certificate upon registration or at the initial class. Extendable leashes are not allowed on the courses and toys are required for the agility courses.

The dog owners should wear comfortable shoes and clothing for each course. Every course is limited to a maximum of 10 dogs, which is why it is always suggested to book early. All the training requirements such as clickers, toys, collars, leads and treats are made available through their Dog Shop.

Payment in full is required upon booking. After attending a first class, refunds are not issued. And cancellation is subjected to $15 administration fees. The make-up classes cost $10 per class and are scheduled by Doggie Central. The payment for any make-up classes need to be paid before the class starts. Online registrations at this stage are not available. To register, applicants are required to call their location in Mississauga to book either a dog sport or obedience classes. These classes are for fun or for handlers that compete in various types of trials.

During these classes the handler and the dogs learn:

  • Rules for the stunt dog competitions
  • Basic handling skills
  • Hoop jumps
  • Pedestal training
  • Distance work
  • Go to markers
  • Novice level tricks

Seminars And Training Courses

Doggie Central also offers seminars and training courses throughout the year. These include Obedience Tune-up, which helps with everyday obedience or a refresher course for both the handler and the dog. The Heeling Seminar is focused on teaching dog owners how to train their dogs to heel next to them with distractions that are moderate. The last course includes the Pet First Aid Seminar focused on non-emergency and real emergency situations.

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